Harvest Bible Chapel

Redemption Hill Student Ministries

RHSM exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ amongst the junior high/high school students of Seattle.  RHSM is a ministry extension of Redemption Hill Bible Church, built upon the same core values and pillars of a biblical ministry.  The youth ministry of Redemption Hill is intended for students in the school years 6th through 12th, and is meant to help those students become more like Christ through the application of the Word of God.  There are many youth ministries in Seattle, but what separates Redemption Hill Student Ministries is the faithful exposition of the Word of God every week, passionate leaders who love to serve the students, and an interactive environment where students will have fun with one another.  We do not seek to isolate ourselves from the world, but desire to equip our students to be effective lights in their schools, sports teams, families etc.  This is a crucial time in the lives of our students, where they must know their convictions and be rooted in their faith as they begin their lives in the near future.  To be a Christian is to be a messenger of the Gospel of Christ, our goal is to help our students in this mission.