God @ Work – Redemption Hill Bible Church 1-Year Anniversary Video

Redemption Hill Bible Church

In 2016, after nine years as an Associate Pastor in the mid-west, our Lead Pastor Joe obeyed the call to take on the difficult, fulfilling, next-generation work of planting a church-planting church. Joe’s heart had been, and continues to be, transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His desire was to plant a church that would spread the good news of Christ, so that others might experience the love and freedom that only Christ can offer, all for the glory of God.

While Joe was being trained by sister churches in Chicago and Phoenix, a sister-church in the midwest sent one of its Directors to support Joe in launching Redemption Hill Bible Church. In February 2017, Redemption Hill held its first Vision Meetings, where Pastor Joe cast the vision for a church that was vertical in its focus, that was passionately consumed with the glory of God, that believed firmly in God’s Word, that had the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ, and that planted church-planting churches.

The Core Group began as six people in a living room. Soon it was 15, then 30. What began as a stirring in the heart of one man became the passion of a small, dedicated group of men and women who love and follow Jesus Christ. In the fall of 2017 that group became a new, Christ-exalting, Bible-preaching, disciple-making, vertical church on the Eastside of Seattle. Redemption Hill Bible Church exists to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Affiliations & Church Planting Partners

Pastor Joe was educated at The Master’s College & Seminary, where he obtained his Bachelors Degree and his Masters in Divinity.

Redemption Hill Bible Church is a part of the Great Commission Collective, a group of church-planting churches that are all committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ through planting churches around the world.

Redemption Hill has also partnered with the North American Missions Board, who has generously helped to equip our plant for success since its earliest days.

Our church has been blessed by many relationships with churches all over the country, and we strive to be faithful stewards of those powerful partnerships for the furthering of Christ’s Kingdom in Seattle, in the U.S., and around the world.

What We Believe